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Drive Smart is a different kind of driving company. During your ride home, we focus as much on the service as we do on the drive. Anyone can get you home in your car, but are you always comfortable having anyone drive your car? Would you feel safe with anyone driving you home? Our drivers are the difference. They're well groomed, well mannered, and friendly.

You shouldn't have to worry about the ride home, and with us you won't.

Go have some fun, call us when you're done. 

Hosting a wedding or event?

Show your guests you care about their safety during and after your wedding or event. Our drivers are professionally dressed, polite and a compliment to any event. We offer three different options to help your guests get home safely:

  • $5 off cards and display stands
  • Ride vouchers or partial ride vouchers
  • Teams of drivers for hire

For best results we recommend that you add our booking information onto your invites or website so your guests can plan ahead.

Take a look at the details to choose which package is right for you or contact us with any questions.

Option 1

$5 off cards and display stands

Get a stand and $5 discount cards to display at an entrance or the bar. 

Option 2

Ride Vouchers & Partial Ride Vouchers

Do you plan on covering the cost for your guests or do you want to cover part of the cost? We will give you Ride Vouchers that will either cover the whole cost of your guests trip or you can pre-set the amount (ie: $20 towards the trips). These cards can be given to your guests and they will hand them to the drivers to be applied to the cost of the trip. We bill the credit card provided after the event is completed only for the amount used.

Option 3

Team(s) of Drivers at Your Event

Hire drivers in teams to be at your event to drive home your guests in their cars. You can choose the amount of teams you would like present and they will drive your guests home throughout the chosen time at the direction of the host. A great option for maintaining control of wait times and service levels. 

Cost: $175 per hour (per two person team with chase car) *minimum 3 hour charge per booking.

$5 off cards with our original stands or with a wedding day theme

$5 off cards with our original stands or with a wedding day theme

Ride vouchers for either the full trip or part of it

Ride vouchers for either the full trip or part of it

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